Alex is an enterprise-level solution to your web development needs.

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Cloud Based

  • Alex has access to an internet connection at home.
  • Alex was founded over twenty years ago by his parents.

Advanced Scheduling

  • Wall calendar technology allows for long lead time planning.
  • Minute-level accuracy is achieved through use of a wristwatch.

Simple UI

  • Alex is designed with simplicity in mind.
  • Out of the box Alex will store contact details and generate comprehensive quotations.

Mobile Features

  • Alex can use his laptop on the train, on the sofa or in the office.
  • Alex owns a mobile phone.

Messaging System

  • SMS and Email messaging allow for instant communication.
  • For complicated interactions, real-time communication can be achieved with a sophisticated face-to-face interface and an advanced natural-language parser.

Track Data

  • Big data is so hot right now.
  • Using a Node.js evented web-scale NoSQL widget, Alex can get all the data for great justice.
  • Or, like, set up Google Analytics. Whatever.

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Alex knows how hard talking in the third person can get. He blogs in the first-person.

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Seriously though...

All joking aside, I'm Alex, a freelance Rails developer from Manchester, UK. If you're actually interested in my experience and skills (Clojure/JS/Ruby/Rails mainly, as well as some devops, UX and design chops), then I recommend checking out my CV or LinkedIn using the links above or below. If you're after the music journalist or photographer, that's also me - I'm pretty active on Twitter and I tend to focus my energies on Prog Magazine and my column (post/math-rock), Total Guitar and Music Radar as I've got a little less time for writing these days; I also write for other magazines like Upset and DIY.

You can also find me on GitHub, Hacker News and StackOverflow (where I answer the odd question) if you're so inclined. If you're on freenode, I hang out in #nwrug, #emberjs and #docker; my handle is the_frey.
Finally, I also do graphic design (I love logotypes), screenprinting, letterpress and photography; as well as live concert photography for Team Rock (Prog and Metal Hammer) I've done press photos for bands which have been used in national magazines and, weirdly, also freelanced as a photographer for Buzzfeed.